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  • Care Tips
  • Care Tips
  • Care Tips
  • Care Tips

How to Care for your new system:

Always make sure that the pressure in the system is kept topped up to the manufacturer’s specification. Pressure should only be topped up when the system is cold and should generally be between 1-1.5 bar, however if you are unsure please refer to your boiler manual.

Hot & cold spots
Occasionally check the system for any hot or cold spots in your central heating radiators. This may mean that the system needs to be vented. Please note: Any central heating system should only be vented when the boiler is switched off as this could cause more air to be drawn into the system.

Keeping chemicals topped up in the system
If at any time the central heating system is drained, inhibitor must be added when the system is refilled. This helps to prevent the build-up of scale, debris and corrosion within the system. This chemical can be added at the time of the annual service at an additional cost. Please notify us with this extra when booking your annual service.

Accessibility to the boiler
Always ensure that the boiler area is free of combustible items and is easily accessible for servicing.

Checking the expansion tank
Occasionally check the expansion tank if accessible, to make sure the ball valve is not stuck as this could cause the pump to burn out.

Running the System
Periodically run system for about five minutes during the summer months to prevent motorised valves from seizing up.

If you have any questions regarding these processes, below are website links which may help

Worcester Bosch offer’s advice and technical support

Carshalton Boilers offer a number of demonstrations on how to carry out basic checks on your system