Boiler Warning Notices – How to avoid a condemned boiler

Posted by: John Temple on 21st June 2024

Safety is by far the most important factor that heating engineers consider when a boiler service is carried out. So when a boiler warning notice is unfortunately given it can be frustrating, but it is only there to ensure everyone is kept safe from any harm.

Here you’ll find out what exactly a ‘condemned’ boiler is, common causes of the situation as well as the steps you can take to make sure your boiler avoids being condemned and continues to run safely.


What is a condemned boiler?

The simplest definition for condemned is something that has been officially declared unfit for use. Following a boiler service, our expert heating engineers will condemn a boiler if it is deemed unsafe/unfit to operate. Often these warning notices are there for everyone’s safety as a dangerously faulty boiler could pose a threat to life. Should a boiler be condemned, it must be immediately shut down pending repair or replacement to prevent risks such as fire hazards, explosions and carbon monoxide.

Immediately Dangerous (ID): An immediately dangerous boiler will instantly be shut down and must not be used until the fault is rectified.

At Risk (AR): If one or more faults are detected, your boiler will be marked At Risk. The boiler will be disconnected and you will be advised not to use it until the required fixes are made. It’s vital to remember that because At Risk boilers do not meet heating industry standards, they could void the manufacturer’s warranty.


My boiler has been condemned! What could have caused this?

Age and wear: it’s important to remember that like all appliances, boilers do have a lifespan. Often a boiler is not served a warning notice due to something that the homeowner has done to the heating system, but simply because it has worn down over the years. Boilers in operation for over 15 years are the most prone to breakdowns or inefficiencies due to components wearing out. This is also because it can be difficult to source the parts necessary for repairing older boilers.

Corrosion or leaks: Due to their daily exposure to water and differing temperatures, boilers can develop corrosion or leaks over time. Significant corrosion is known to weaken the structure of the boiler, causing it to be unsafe.

Lack of maintenance: The longevity and safety of a boiler comes down to regular maintenance. Neglecting your boiler’s routine inspection and servicing is the main culprit of problems being undetected, which will eventually cause the system to be unsafe for use. We recommend having your boiler serviced yearly to keep it working at its full potential and offer an annual boiler service plan to ensure this – find out more.


What can I do to avoid my boiler being condemned?

We understand the frustration that is caused by a boiler being shut down due to a warning notice. Follow our advice below to steer clear of your boiler being condemned:

Routine maintenance: Our certified technicians put safety at the forefront when carrying out a boiler service. We test your heating system fully and address any issues before they become severe.

Prompt repairs: Following on from our Gas Safe registered engineers servicing your boiler, we will make you aware of any required repairs. This ensures issues such as odd noises, leaks or performance changes are addressed immediately to prevent any long-term damage.

You could be due an upgrade: An upgraded boiler, particularly a new, energy efficient model, is a sound investment. Pay close attention to the condition of your boiler if its age is close to 15 years to save you from the risks and costs associated with it being condemned.

Get quality servicing and parts: At Carshalton Boilers, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality of service and products. Our fully trained engineers always use best-in-class replacement parts and follow industry training and guidelines.


If you have any further questions regarding boiler warning notices or condemned boilers, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help and ensure cost effective safety for your heating system all year round.


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