How to adjust your boiler to lower heating bills

Posted by: John Temple on 21st October 2022

Turning down the thermostat is the most simple and fast way to lower your heating bills. But with temperatures dropping and winter around the corner, this solution may no longer be suitable. Rest assured, there are ways to adjust your boiler to help lower your bills, without having to turn the thermostat all the way down. Here are our tips:

One simple adjustment

For those with a combi boiler, adjusting the flow temperature of your boiler can help to lower your bills. We recommend lowering your flow temperature to 60 degrees to help the boiler run efficiently. Most new boilers are defaulted to a flow of around 75 degrees, meaning out of the box they are not condensing as efficiently as they should be.

According to Nesta, £112 could be saved annually by the average household after making this simple adjustment to flow temperature. Furthermore, Nesta says that if 10 million households make this boiler adjustment, then £1bn can be saved on energy bills across the UK, saving 1.7 million tonnes of carbon.


How to adjust your boiler’s flow temperature

Firstly, this adjustment is only suitable for combi boilers. It’s recommended that you should leave your boiler’s flow temperature if your home has a water tank.

As combi boilers can differ in design, there are often a few different ways to change flow temperature. The first and most safe point of call is the technical instruction manual of your boiler. Refer to this while looking at the Money Saving Boiler Challenge’s Walkthrough which gives a step-by-step guide for adjusting a boiler’s flow temperature. Making this adjustment to your boiler is done so at the owner’s risk, and we cannot be held responsible.

If you’re still unsure after viewing the walkthrough and your boiler’s technical manual, please do not press or turn any buttons on the front of your boiler. Instead, this can be checked and adjusted in conjunction with a boiler service by one of our expert boiler engineers (subject to a fee). Contact us today to book your boiler service, where we will adjust the flow temperature while also ensuring the safe, economical and effective operation of your boiler.

Rest assured, making this adjustment will not affect the water temperature coming from your showers and taps.


Other ways to make your home’s heating more efficient

We are aware that many of our readers may not have a combi boiler, or wish to increase their energy efficiency further even after adjusting the flow temperature, so here are some further tips:

  • Weather compensation, a communication system linking a dedicated outdoor temperature sensor and your boiler, can instruct the boiler to change your radiator’s temperature. Not all domestic boilers have weather compensation unfortunately, so it is worth checking to see.
  • Radiator balance – this is one all households that have radiators can do! Learn how to balance your radiators to ensure an even amount of heated water is getting to them.


Again, we’d like to reiterate that it’s best to consult us if you’re unsure about making changes to the flow temperature for your boiler. Contact our friendly team today if you have any questions. Adjusting the flow temperature of your boiler is just one of the ways that you can help to reduce your energy bills this coming winter. Other ways to help reduce your bills are listed in our water saving tips and domestic energy saving guide.

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