Benefits of a new boiler

Posted by: Carly Temple on 28th January 2020

Is it a repair job or time for a new boiler? On many occasions we visit customers to repair their old boilers and are told they want to keep the old boiler going, even if it’s the 10th repair. For many customers, they fear that new boiler will not last as long as their ‘trusty 20 year old one’ or that a new one ‘will be really expensive’ and that they will need to relocate it, incurring more cost for house repairs.

We thought we’d take this time to highlight the benefits of a new boiler and dispel some of the myths on installing one!

It will be a large outlay that I can’t afford

On average, for a 3 bedroom house, we install boilers at a cost of £3000-£4000. This includes the product, fitting and pipework.

To help spread the cost, Carshalton Boilers can offer customers who install a Worcester Bosch Boiler a finance package allowing them to pay for the boiler over several years. For details of our current Winter offer, 0% interest, click here.

A brand new boiler, will be far more energy efficient and over the years, will save you money on your energy bills.

A new boiler won’t last as long

New boilers are designed to be much more reliable, so you can be sure that you will have heating and hot water when you need it. If it does go wrong, parts for a newer boiler are readily available, for much older boilers, parts are often harder to source, leading to a delay in the repair.

Also, a recently installed boiler will be much safer. It is far less likely to cause any concerns of CO2 emissions.

I’ll need to relocate the boiler

We can help identify the best place for your boiler to be housed, ensuring minimal disruption to your home. They are much smaller than they used to be, and therefore take up less space. We have also had reports from customers that they are less noisy! Giving you more freedom on where you want to house the boiler!

Carshalton Boilers specialise in Heating and Plumbing, for advice or a quote please call us today on 0208 3958060.

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