Common Heating & Plumbing Issues – Checking for a Leak

Posted by: Carly Temple on 11th January 2019

In this blog, the first in our series looking at common heating and plumbing issues in the home, we take a look at what to do in the event of a leak.

Whether you have a visible damp patch on the ceiling or floor, or you are concerned that your water bills have increased recently, here we run through checks to make:


A Visible leak

There is nothing worse than getting home to discover a damp patch on the ceiling or a pool of water on the ground. In this instance you should check the surrounding areas’ radiators and lift carpets to check pipes for the leak. A Plumber or handyman will need to repair any leaking pipes.

Other signs you may have a leak

If you suspect a leak, but it’s not visible and you are not on a meter, the following may indicate a problem: strange noises coming from your pipes and plumber system; or a damp patch constantly appearing on the driveway. Lastly, one of the biggest signs of a leak can be low water pressure in the shower or when you turn taps on. For any of these concerns it is worth getting in touch with a Plumber.

No visible leak, however, seeing high water meter readings/bills

If you think your water meter readings or bills have increased dramatically, if the first instance, you need to check for a leak. If there are no signs of a leak in your house, you need to establish if the leak is internal or not.

To do this, turn off the internal stop tap (often located under the sink). Check you have turned it off by running a kitchen tap! Then find your water meter (usually located in the footpath up to your house). If the dial/numbers on your water meter continue moving, then it’s possible that you have a leak on the home supply pipe, between the meter and the stop tap. If the leak is on your underground supply pipe, you will need to call out a plumber to fix the problem.

If the dial is stationary then you may have an internal leak, possibly hidden under the flooring.

Can’t find the stop tap?

If you can’t find the stop tap and you are on a meter you can also check by taking 2 readings. Ensure that all appliances and taps are turned off. Then check your water meter and take the reading. Leave it 30 minutes and then take a second reading. If the numbers or dial haven’t changed then you may just have high water usage.

High water bills?

There are a few reasons to that you may have an increased bill. Was your last bill an estimate that was too low? You should also check to see if your supplier offers any discounts for paying by Direct Debit. Check that you don’t have any dripping taps. Also consider if you have recently installed a new appliance that could be using more water.


How Can We Help?

Even minor leaks can increase your water bills and of course cause costly damage in your home. At Carshalton Boilers, we specialise in plumbing, pipes and heating, so don’t delay call us out today. A friendly, family run business, we cover South London, Surrey and surrounding areas. Call us on 020 8395 8060 or visit:

Check For A Leak
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