5 energy hacks to help you save on your bills this Spring

Posted by: John Temple on 17th April 2024

Spring is here! With its natural inclination to refresh and renew, Spring is the ideal time to reassess the amount of energy you’re using at home and find ways to save on your energy bills. Following our energy saving hacks below, you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption by making a few simple adjustments:


Embrace natural light

With daylight growing longer and longer, we can all now take advantage of the abundance of natural light. Lighter mornings and evenings reduce the need for artificial light sources, so open up those curtains instead of reaching for the light switch when possible. Not only will this help reduce your energy usage, but also improve your physical wellbeing too with natural light known to help our circadian rhythm and sleep pattern!


Feel the breeze

Refreshing breezes are synonymous with Springtime. Make the most of the fresh breeze by keeping windows and doors open on warmer days to encourage ventilation to naturally cool your home. This useful tip will also reduce the need for plug-in fans and air purifiers.


Adjust your thermostat

Another effective energy saving hack to consider is simply turning down your thermostat by a few degrees Celsius. Setting your thermostat temperature to just 1°C lower can help to save up to £80 per year on your heating costs. We would recommend somewhere between 18 and 20 degrees for a comfortable and economical living environment.

If you’re lucky enough to have a smart/programmable thermostat, look into its features that automatically adjust temperature based on your household’s schedule. This will ensure that your home isn’t overheated and energy isn’t wasted while you’re away.

Going back to natural light, the Spring sun often brings warmth through the window, so keep those curtains open as much as possible to further reduce the need for central heating.


Seal and insulate

With the notoriously changeable UK weather, Spring may also bring colder spells. These chilly spells will wreak havoc on any windows and doors which are not properly insulated. With a bit of simple DIY, you can seal any gaps in door/window frames with draught excluding caulk or strips. Draught excluders that are placed on the floor are a much more straightforward method to keep out cold chills if you’re not confident with DIY. The right sealing and insulation simply means your home will contain a consistent temperature, reducing your central heating’s workload.


Consider more energy efficient appliances

With the everyday need to use appliances such as kettles, toasters and air fryers, it’s easy to forget how energy-sapping they can be. If one of your home’s appliances is due an upgrade or you’re suspicious that it’s draining too much energy, always look for the energy ratings label and consider the right sized appliance for your home’s usage. The energy ratings label you’ll be looking for ranges from A to G, with appliances rated A being the most energy efficient. You can also search for appliances with advances features such as improved insulation and dedicated energy saving modes.


By incorporating these 5 energy saving hacks this Spring, you can help to reduce your energy bills while also having a positive environmental impact. And as Spring gently turns to summer, remember to take further advantage of the tips above around embracing natural light and using breezes to cool and ventilate your home.

If you need further advice on how to make your home more energy efficient, feel free to reach out to our friendly team.

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