The best new energy saving products for heating and plumbing

Posted by: John Temple on 28th September 2022

Many consumers will be looking to make savings where possible due to the continuing rise of energy bills and cost of living. With this is mind, we have gathered some useful energy saving products that can be used for your home’s heating and plumbing – all priced under £50*:


EcoStar ECOS21 Tap Aerator Swivel – £9.77*

The EcoStar ECOS21 is a tap aerator swivel which can simply be screwed onto a tap to help use less water but keep the necessary water pressure. The tap attachment has very easy installation, completely swivels and even has two output modes. For under £10, this is a simple and cost-effective addition to any bathroom, kitchen or utility room to help save water.

Purchase on Amazon.


Chimney Sheep Round Chimney Draught Excluder – £20.00*

You’ve probably heard of a chimney sweep – but what about a Chimney Sheep? This innovative product can massively reduce the draught that comes down your chimney and through your fireplace. While doing this, it also stops the noise generated by wind and debris from sneaking down the chimney and into your home. The manufacturers of the Chimney Sheep say you can expect around £60 a year of energy bills savings when this product is installed. It is recommended that you choose a Chimney Sheep that is a couple of inches larger than the size of your fireplace for optimal draught and debris exclusion.

Buy your Chimney Sheep on Amazon.


Milano Chrome Thermostatic Valve Head – £19.95*

If the radiators in your home don’t already have thermostatic valves, then the Milano Thermostatic Valve Head could help you to make savings on your energy bills. The valve head allows you to individually control a radiator meaning that you can choose which radiators in your home to have turned on. Ease of use and simple installation make this product an energy-saving must-have this winter.

Order from Best Heating and get turning down those radiators which just don’t need to be switched on.


Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser – £44.99*

This Amazon number one bestseller boils a cup of water in seconds! Breville’s HotCup Hot Water Dispenser is the ideal option for those who love a nice hot drink, but don’t want to use more energy than they need to. As this hot water dispenser only boils enough for the amount of cups that you need, it makes for a very energy-efficient alternative to a conventional kettle. For under £50, there is no doubt it is a cost-effective solution for hot drinking water that will also help to reduce your utility bills.

Purchase the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser.


Radflek Radiator Reflector Panels – £20.99*

Radiator heat can often be wasted as it heats up the wall behind the radiator more than the space in front of it. To combat this, you can purchase and install Radflek Radiator Reflector Panels. These panels reflect otherwise wasted heat back into your room, helping to reduce the amount of energy used and in turn dropping the price of your bills. The £20.99 RRP can be made back in a year through the energy bill savings it can create. No one will even know these panels are there as they fit nice and snug directly behind a radiator. This product is also recommended by the Energy Saving Trust as the most efficient radiator reflector.

Buy your radiator reflector panels.


Magichome Store Ionic Shower Head – £13.99*

Increase the pressure of your shower while reducing the amount of water used with the Magicome Store Ionic Shower Head. No tools are required to install it – meaning that even those with poor DIY skills can get it set up quickly! Another handy feature of the Ionic Shower Head is its filtration system, which helps to balance the pH of the water and remove toxins, metals and chlorine.

Buy the Ionic Shower Head to start saving water while you shower and filter out the nasties.


Saving energy can work hand in hand with saving on your utility bills – especially by using some of the energy saving products listed above. It’s also worthwhile checking out our recent blog for tips on how to save money on your heating, electric and water bills.


*Prices correct at time of publishing

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