Moving to green heating in 2025

Posted by: Carly Temple on 30th November 2021

Although it’s not yet possible to buy a boiler which runs solely on hydrogen, industry leaders such as Worcester Bosch are making considerable progress with prototypes and testing. Once clear of the testing phase, boiler manufacturers are aiming to price them similarly to current gas boilers, to make green heating as accessible as possible.

Hydrogen-ready boilers

Hydrogen-ready boilers are already on the market. Currently using 20% hydrogen, these boilers offer a much more sustainable way of heating our homes. Hydrogen-ready boilers are manufactured so that they can be easily modified to eventually allow for 100% hydrogen. Gas Safe Engineers will be trained specifically for boilers that use hydrogen gas. The main advantage of hydrogen-ready boilers is that they can use natural gas until there is a reliable source of hydrogen. The low carbon alternative can be transitioned to with very little disruption to our current home heating.

An area that needs further development is the production of hydrogen fuel. Currently working with the industry and other researchers, the Government has projects to test how mixing natural gas and hydrogen works on the existing heating network.

Gradually phasing out gas boilers

There is no plan to ban gas boilers, but instead they are due to be phased out alongside the shift to hydrogen heating and heat pumps domestically. From 2025 though, all new-build properties will no longer be permitted to house gas boilers. This is because burning natural gases currently used in boilers is a main contributor to global warming.

The UK is leading the way to net-zero

The end goal is to have all homes in the UK heated by a 100% hydrogen boiler, although experts say this will take several decades. The UK is ahead of its EU counterparts at reaching the target of mandating the supply of boilers which are ready for hydrogen – meaning this country is leading the way in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.


Our expert heating and plumbing engineers are always keeping on top of advancements made to heating and hot water systems. With hydrogen heating on the horizon, we are ready to install all types of boilers, as and when gas supplies and further infrastructural advancements are made. If you’re looking to have a new boiler installed, or require servicing or repairs to a current heating system, contact the Carshalton Boilers team today.

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