Winter Heating? Here’s What You Should Do

Posted by: Carly Temple on 1st November 2018

It’s a common question and there is a lot of debate around whether it’s more cost effective and energy efficient to keep the heating on constantly in winter, or just turn it on when you need it.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the factors to consider when you decide how to manage heating your home this winter.

Energy Efficiency

What is more energy efficient? Letting your home stay at a constant temperature or heating up your house each time you need the extra warmth?

Home Insulation

The answer to this isn’t straight forward. It will largely depend on the insulation of your home. If your house is well insulated, with double glazed windows, it will require less energy to maintain a consistent temperature. If, however, your house is less well insulated, then more heat will escape making it more difficult to maintain temperature. This will result in your boiler working harder to make up for the heat that escapes.

All homes will have some level of heat escaping but the amount escaping will vary widely between different properties. It’s always worth looking in to loft insulation, checking your cavity walls are insulated and your windows to see if you can reduce the heat escaping and drafts.

Your Boiler

Your decision to leave the heating on or not, will also depend on how modern your boiler is. New boilers are significantly more efficient than older boilers. Older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat. This has a big impact on your home heating bills and the environment, especially if left on all day.

It is also recommended you service your boiler once a year, to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

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