Hydrogen boilers – the key to green heating

Posted by: Carly Temple on 25th March 2021

With the only by-products of green hydrogen being oxygen and water, there is no doubt that heating with this gas is entirely climate-friendly. Although most boilers use natural gas (methane) to heat our homes, industry leaders such as Valliant and Worcester Bosch are paving the way for carbon-free energy by extensively researching and trialling hydrogen-ready boilers so they can be rolled out when the government give the go ahead.

Why use hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a colourless, odourless gas which can be obtained from different substances on earth such as water; meaning that there is an infinite supply. Power is not compromised with the use of hydrogen either – the gas has previously been used to lift the space shuttle and power planes. Interestingly, as well as a fuel, the gas can act as a coolant too. With the process of producing hydrogen giving off zero carbon emissions, it is fully sustainable.

Heating with hydrogen – what’s different?

With its natural gravitation towards oxygen, hydrogen generates heat and water as a by-product when the two gasses meet. As hydrogen is a carbon-free energy carrier, the combustion produces no carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

The key to green heating?

A hydrogen-ready boiler is able to burn either natural gas or 100% hydrogen. This change in functionality can pave the way for gas distribution networks to carry hydrogen. In-depth studies have determined that making this change to the gas distribution networks is feasible and could assist with ensuring that the heating of properties is decarbonised. This climate-friendly push is an important part of helping to meet the UK’s 2050 ‘Net Zero’ carbon target.


At Carshalton Boilers, we are on hand to assist with all of your domestic and commercial plumbing and heating requirements. More specifically, we offer a range of boiler installations from leading industry manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Valliant. With hydrogen boilers on the horizon, we will be on hand to carry out installations once they have finished being tested and been given the green light. To find out how we can help you with your boiler or central heating, contact us today on 020 8395 8060.

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