Need a new boiler? Have you considered its location?

Posted by: Sue Kemp on 21st May 2019

Are you considering a new central heating system? Are you looking to relocate your boiler? If yes, are you aware that there are many things to consider before making a final decision?

There are many reasons people want to relocate their boilers; renovations, noise, or to gain more space. Boilers can be located in many different areas of your home, bedrooms, bathrooms, the loft and of course the kitchen/utility. If you are embarking on changing your current boiler system, it’s worth considering the best location for your boiler at this time.

Key requirements

The boiler will need to be positioned on or next to a strong, ideally, external wall. All new boilers now must be condensing; therefore they have a discharge pipe that needs to reach the outside.

The flue also needs to reach outside. Each boiler has a minimum flue clearance distance, so must be located away from vents, doors or windows. Your engineer will be able to advise of minimum distances.


Another key consideration should be easy access. When it comes to servicing or repairs if it breaks down you and an engineer will need to access the boiler. You can house boilers in cupboards, however, it’s worth ensuring the cupboard is large enough to enable you to take the cover off the boiler.

External locations

The majority of boilers are located within the home, however, occasionally they can be found in the garage or an outhouse. If this is the case, you will want to ensure the boiler is protected against the cold weather.


For boilers that are located in the kitchen or bathroom, there are some additional regulations around the wiring, to ensure it’s protected against steam and moisture. You will need to discuss this with the surveyor


Another key consideration is of course, the pipework, moving a boiler will involve additional pipework, the cost of which may not outweigh the benefits.

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