How do I know I need a new Boiler?

Posted by: Sue Kemp on 28th May 2019

Is your boiler regularly letting you down leaving you with no heating or hot water? Has your plumber been out regularly over the last few years? Is it time for a new boiler?

We’ve covered some of the tell-tale signs, that may help you with this decision.

Age of your boiler

If your boiler is old, it is worth considering that it could be running less efficiently than new models, thus costing you more in your utility bills. The older the boiler, the more likely it is to break down and also the harder it could be to source parts.

Regular repairs

We strongly recommend that everyone services their boiler once a year, however, if you find that you are calling your plumber out for additional reasons and having to replace parts it may be worth reconsidering your options. Your plumber should make recommendations on whether they think it’s worth continually repairing it or if you should look at replacing it.

Strange sounds

If your boiler is whistling or hissing, or making gurgling or banging sounds, it needs investigating! A boiler whistling could be caused by trapped air in the system or a water pressure loss. Gurgling could indicate sediment or limescale in the boiler, which just requires a flush. It could, however, also be a sign that there is something seriously wrong. Again, ask your plumber to make recommendations on whether it’s worth repairing or would you be better looking into a new system.


A leak from your boiler requires immediate action. Firstly, turn off your water supply to stop the leak. Switch off your heating and call your plumber. A leak can cause real issues with the electrical components with the boiler and if left un-treated could cause rust and corrosion to the pipes. The biggest concern with a leak is that it could develop in to a carbon monoxide leak. Depending on the amount of damage that has been caused it may be worth considering a new boiler.

Heating your water

Another common issue is around water temperature. If you find it fluctuates whilst the heating is on or takes a long time to heat up or runs hot and cold intermittently, there is an issue with the boiler.

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