Reducing your Water Waste this Summer

Posted by: Sue Kemp on 17th June 2019

As we head towards the warmer Summer days, water waste comes to the forefront of our minds. whether its complaining that we have had no rain fall or too much rain, it always a topic of conversation! At home when it comes to our water bill’s we are often asked how we can save water and therefore reduce the bills. With the average person in the UK using 150litres per day, here are some of our ideas on reducing that:

Stop running the tap

We are always running the tap whether it’s to brush our teeth or to either wait for the water to warm up or run cold. To stop wasting water in this way, turn off the tap whilst brushing, we would also suggest keeping a water filter jug in the fridge, instant cold water. Similarly, rather than running the water until it warms why not heat it in the microwave? Also ensure your pipes are all insulated with foam to keep the water inside warmer.

Take a short shower

Taking a shorter shower over a bath, not only saves you time but a lot of water waste. Also consider changing your shower head to an aerated one, which combines water and air to limit flow the rate

Only run appliances when full

Whether it’s the washing machine or dishwasher, always wait to run it until it is full. Wash your clothes on a cold wash, it’s as effective, and will save water and energy. You could also look into water efficient goods, if you need to replace a product. Water efficient shower heads, taps, dual flush toilets, as well as white goods all now are common. For more information visit Waterwise.

Fix any leaks

Make sure that you repair any leaks or dripping taps, built up over the weeks this can waste up to 15 litres a day. Here at Carshalton boilers we have a wealth of experience from plumbing services to boiler servicing, so get in touch now if you need some help, take a look at our plumbing/boiler and electrical services.

In the garden

We recommend installing water butts on your down pipes to collect rain water for watering the garden. Always water in the evening after sun-down and mulch your plants with bark or similar, to eliminate evaporation.

Install a water meter

If you only pay for the water you use, you are more likely to preserve it. Consider installing a water meter. The Consumer Council for Water has a calculator that helps you to determine whether you could save with a meter: CCwater.

Carshalton boilers specialise in all plumbing and heating needs. For advice, on plumbing any needs, please call us today on 020 8395 8060 or visit: Carshalton Boilers

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