Save Yourself a New Boiler

Posted by: Carly Temple on 4th October 2018

A simple annual service can save you the cost of a new boiler

We recently visited a customer who hadn’t had an engineer service their boiler in over 3 years. The fault led to the boiler being deemed unsafe, and as a result we had to shut it down!

The risk of not servicing your boiler

We discovered this when called out to service the appliance that hadn’t been worked on for over three years! This ideal ICOS has the common fault where the heat pad retainer had failed and then moves away from the correct position. This causes products of combustion to leak outwards and distort the heat exchanger. This boiler was shut off as it was unsafe to be used.

Annual Service

Annual servicing of your boiler ensures that it is running safely. As part of a regular maintenance check this fault, if discovered early enough, could have been rectified and the boiler saved from the skip.

When was the last time you had your boiler checked?

Carshalton Boilers

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save yourself a new boiler
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