The signs that your home may need a new boiler

Posted by: John Temple on 22nd November 2023

Especially during these chillier months, the boiler in your home plays a crucial role in keeping everyone warm and comfortable. But like any other appliance, boilers do have a lifespan, and therefore there will come a time when it needs replacing. The signs that you need a new boiler may not always be obvious, but should you experience any, it’s important to act promptly to prevent a breakdown or a loss of efficient heating.

In this month’s blog, we have rounded up the most frequent indicators that your boiler at home could need replacing:


Boiler lifespan

The average lifespan of a domestic boiler is around 15-20 years. Its age is an important factor in determining whether it should be replaced. If your boiler is getting close to this age range or has surpassed it, the likelihood of it breaking down or working inefficiently increases hugely.

Consider upgrading to a new model of boiler if yours is reaching the 15-20 year mark. It could help you save on your heating bills in the future.


Spiking energy bills

A sudden and significant spike in energy bills could indicate that the efficiency of your boiler is declining. As they age, boilers can lose the ability to effectively heat water, meaning that the heating system must work extra hard and consume more energy in the process. If you’ve spotted a dramatic spike in your heating bills, it may be worth considering a new boiler which meets energy efficiency standards.


Strange noises

Unusual sounds coming from your boiler such as banging, whistling, clanking could indicate underlying issues. General wear and tear can cause debris to build up, which over time could develop into faults within the boiler. If you’re experiencing persistent, strange noises coming from your boiler, it’s lifespan may be coming to an end. Consult our helpful team of boiler professionals who can offer advice as to whether you need a replacement.


Inconsistent heating

If you notice some rooms in your home are significantly warmer than others when the heating is switched on, this may be an indication that your boiler is struggling to evenly distribute heat. Inconsistent heat across different rooms could be caused by a pump malfunction, a faulty thermostat, or another internal issue. Purchasing a new boiler will give you peace of mind and ensure you have reliable and evenly distributed warmth around your household.


Frequent repairs

Have you noticed a more frequent need to have your boiler repaired? Routine maintenance is normal, but a pattern of frequent repairs could be an indication that your boiler is reaching the end of its inevitable lifespan. Having your boiler repaired frequently will cause bills to mount up, therefore investing in a new, more energy efficient boiler could prove more economical over time.



Ensuring your home has warmth and comfort all year round relies on a correctly functioning boiler. You can save yourself from unexpected faults and breakdowns while reducing the cost of your energy bills by recognising the signs that your boiler needs replacing. If you have noticed one or more of the warning signs listed above, we would strongly advise contacting our boiler professionals to assess your boiler’s condition and discuss the possibility of upgrading to a new, energy efficient model.

We understand that with the current cost of living purchasing a new boiler is a significant outgoing. But with our payment plans, you can spread the cost having a brand new boiler installed for as little as £23.09 per month.

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