What to expect when having a new boiler installed

Posted by: John Temple on 22nd March 2024

For most of us, having an new boiler installed isn’t common. But with the modern day need for adequate heating for much of the year, there may come a time when your existing boiler needs replacing. If you are having a new boiler installed soon or are considering one, here’s what to expect when having a new boiler installation by Carshalton Boilers:


Surveyor visit to shape boiler installation quote

Once we’re contacted by a customer enquiring about a new boiler, we offer a free, no obligation quotation. We will then arrange a convenient time for one of our surveyors to visit your property.

During the surveyor visit, the existing heating system will be assessed for the boiler’s location and whether the new boiler is able to be installed in the same place. Also during this visit, we’ll look for any components which require upgrading – for example radiators, radiator valves, motorised valves and heating controls. A new boiler installation is the best time to upgrade components such as these as the system will be drained of water, making replacements much more straightforward.

Then, if the customer has any requests such as installing a boiler from a specific manufacturer, we will then quote based on their suggestions.


Expect your new boiler quotation the next day at the latest

Once the surveyor has completed their quote, it is sent back to the Carshalton Boilers office to be entered into our system. The system then creates the final quote to be sent to the customer. Customers can expect to receive their quotation on the same day, or the next day at the latest.

Customers often have questions after receiving their quote, and our office team are on hand to answer these queries. If they’re unable to, the surveyor will contact the customer to answer any questions.


Calendar marked with boiler installation date

Once customers are happy, they can accept the digital quotation sent to them, which then sends a confirmation message back to our office team. From here, the office team will liaise with the customer to book a suitable date to have their new boiler installed.


A friendly reminder of your upcoming boiler installation

A few days before the installation, customers can expect to be contacted with a reminder. Usually, we try to ensure the customer switches off their existing boiler at least a few hours before an engineer arrives. On arrival, the engineer will carry out the installation as per the agreed quotation.

And finally, on completion, we will register the gas boiler for the manufacturer’s warranty and register it with Gas Safe.


So there you have it – everything you can expect, step by step, when having a new boiler installed. If you have any questions about the boiler install process, or any of our other services, feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help.

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