Summer Boiler Maintenance

Posted by: Carly Temple on 12th July 2017

Do I need to think about my central heating in the summer? Check out our guide to looking after your boiler.

Most of us look forward to the warmer months, the longer days and the chance to switch off the boiler and save money. We typically then won’t give the boiler another thought until winter – why would we?

Summer is the best time to carry out a few routine maintenance checks and can save you from any potential problems that may crop up when you need your boiler the most! Carrying out a few simple checks, during the summer, could also improve your boilers efficiency in the winter.

Here are a few pointers:

Dust prevention

Turn your boiler on once a month during the summer, this will prevent an accumulation of dust and dirt. When dust gathers it can cause blockages or interference with the boilers pumps.

Radiator Valves

Open your thermostatic radiator valves during the summer. This will prevent them from becoming stuck.

Switch your heating on once a month

We would also recommend that you don’t leave your radiators switched off for extended periods. Ideally, you should let water from the boiler flow through the pipes at least once a month.

Consider a boiler service

After the summer, with the first cold snap, everyone will switch their boiler on at the same time. It is at this point that you will get the first signs that there is a problem with your boiler and need to call out a boiler repair company. This creates the busiest period for all boiler servicing & repair companies. To avoid this, have your boiler serviced during the summer. It is also worth remembering that poorly maintained boilers are at a greater risk of Carbon Monoxide omissions.

A boiler service probably costs less than you think. A standard boiler service is just £75+VAT which could be a very wise summer investment. For any boiler servicing or repair needs in Surrey, please contact us on 0208 395 8060 or visit:

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